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Baccarat is a simple and profitable game

Baccarat is a well-known card game, where the goal of the participants is to score the maximum number of points (in a game, this indicator is equal to 9). For gameplay, a peculiar high level of stakes, she was described by Pushkin in the novel “The Queen of Spades”. The game of aristocrats, just such an honorary name was given to her in the XIX century, among the upper classes she enjoyed great popularity.

In the initial version, the participants had to play with each other, and independently make a choice in favor of the need to take the third card. Today, a common gaming version is mini baccarat, where participants should play against the institution, and the decision to receive the third card is regulated here.

Sobranie Casino Baccarat

Rules of the game of baccarat in a casino

The game uses six decks of cards of 52 pieces each. The goal of the game is to guess at which position the sum of points will be closer to nine. Before the start of the game, a bet is made on one of the proposed positions (Player or Banker). You cannot make bets on two positions at the same time. Allowed the opportunity to bet on a drawn version of the end of the game (in this case also occurs).

Each player is dealt two cards, one each, starting with the player.

Value cards in the game

Baccarat rules imply the following card values:

If the sum is equal to or exceeds 10 points, 10 are subtracted from it, and the resulting result is the resulting balance. The first card is laid out face down, the rest face down. After that, casino players can make bets. No more than ten hands can be played in one game, if during this time no one becomes a winner, a draw is recognized. To win a player or banker must score 8 or 9 points on their cards. If the opponent has a lower indicator, the game ends, the winner is determined.

Rules of the game of baccarat, you need to know?

An additional card is dealt in the case when the number of points in the first two distribution cards is from 0 to 5, in other cases the card does not surrender. The bets made are paid according to certain winning odds (in the case of a tie, the bets do not pay and do not withdraw). Once the dealer has stopped further bets, they cannot be removed or changed. The rate on the player is paid with a ratio of 1: 1, on the Banker - similarly -5% commission. In the case of a tie, you can count on getting a win of 8 to 1. Also bets on pairs are common, where in case of a victory, you can count on a 11: 1 ratio.

Game strategy

In contrast to the classic variants of roulette, the choice of rates in baccarat is a bit limited. The choice of the majority of existing strategies implies an increase in rates depending on the result of the previous draw in the game. In fact, the optimal variant of the strategic plan does not exist, the strategy to always put en "Bank" also does not give the absolute option of victory. The game will be a good discovery for those who like to make strategic plans, to look for the optimal ratio between bets and winnings. In general, everyone can try their luck here! In the ranking of the most popular games of chance, baccarat always occupies high positions, enjoys an enviable prestige among players.

Sobranie casino visitors can play baccarat and other card tables at any time by visiting the Amber gambling zone. You are waiting for exciting entertainment and always nice prizes.

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