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There is an opinion that Blackjack is one of the few entertainments that do not give the hall administration a guaranteed profit. Despite the fact that the gambling has been adhering to an extremely honest and transparent business for some time now, such a rumor is known so far, which is why the demand is warmed up more strongly.

Sobranie Casino from the gaming area Yantarnaya offers to all who wish to take part in the game in the classic version of the rotation. The rules of the game of blackjack, as well as the key features of this entertainment, will be presented below in this article. Also noteworthy is the fact that the set is conducted against the button, an employee of the organization, he is completely honest and transparent, as a result of which the institution is not responsible for the funds lost by the client.

Black Jack: simply game and a big win

Key features of Black Jack

Blackjack rules in the casino. The meeting is a little different from the usual rotation. Changing the table of awards, as well as bonuses for a certain combination - this is a common practice among institutions in the world of gambling business. It is extremely simple and accessible, only the face value of the card, as well as the visitor's strategy, matters here. And the variation of the minimum rates at the tables with Blackjack allows you to reach the largest possible number of potential customers of the Sobranie. Other features of the rotation can be represented as follows:

As can be seen, the rules of blackjack at the casino Sobranie is quite simple, but the dealer is obliged in any case to notify the player about the nuances before the start of the game. In addition, the institution provides an opportunity to lead the party together on the same level, this decision remains for the visitor who made the first installment. The set will begin in the event that at least one box takes part in the round.

Distribution of cards and starting game

After the round has started at the table, and the participants have made a cash, the croupier distributes. Each gambler receives two sheets face down. Button gives himself one card in the open and another 1, but already closed. After this, the client has several options for further actions:

If the dealer passed himself anything other than an ace or tens, the institution automatically pays the visitor 3: 2, as if he collected BJ. Black Jack rules on this subject depend on the institution, in some games it continues anyway. If the croupier has an ace on the table, then the player is offered “equal money”, that is, payment is immediately in proportion 1k1, or continue the round. When at the level of the dealer "picture" or a dozen, the payment on BJ is carried out exclusively after the showdown.

Black Jack rules contain extremely strict emphasis on the dealer’s order of action. First you need to mix the decks, then put a part in the shoe, from where the sheets will get. The first box from the croupier is the one that is located on the left; the order of each set begins with it. After all the party members have decided on a decision, the button opens its second card. There is a comparison of combinations, the winner is the one who has more points. The croupier is required to pick up cards to 17. If there is a draw, the bet remains in the waiting area "stay" until the next round.

Additional features and bonuses

The client is free to make 4 additional operations within one set. It is about doubling, insurance, split and surrender. Double, otherwise doubling, allows you to add a second cache before the croupier will distribute on the 3rd sheet to the players. Insurance is placed in the same interval of the game, when a visitor fears BJ at the dealer, it costs - 1 dollar, paid 2: 1 if the croupier collects 21. Split allows you to split your hand, and the addition to the second part will come to boxing only after each Opponents before the representative of the institution will finish the set.

Change is an opportunity to leave, losing only half of the bet, but it is not possible if the ace arrives to the dealer as the first sheet. Sobranie Casino has a policy of prizes and bonuses. The bet is $ 1, in the game - sevens. Blackjack rules and table on the site.

Dial the coveted "21" and get an impressive cash prize is always possible in the comfortable halls of the casino Sobranie. Kaliningrad is always welcome to guests, especially fans of excellent gambling leisure. Join now!

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"SOBRANIE" casino conducts activities in the territory of the gambling zone 'Yantarnaya' in accordance with the law No. 244 'On state regulation of activities for the organization and conduct of gambling and on amending some legislative acts of the Russian Federation, adopted on 12/20/2006. Information is intended for persons over 18 years old.
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