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What is Russian poker and how to play it?

Russian poker has appeared relatively recently, but has already managed to take the position of one of the leaders in popularity among card games in offline casinos. Simple rules, along with the ability to “raise” a big sum in one set - this is what makes this kind of entertainment extremely popular. Of course, a status institution cannot do without russian poker, and Sobranie casino is no exception.

Here, any visitor can plunge into the atmosphere of gaming halls of the European level. It is possible to play poker in Russian, using the world-class service. In addition, the gambler will be pleasantly surprised by the quality of services provided also in the context of the party at the table. The article will tell about what Russian poker is and how to win it, having only a little experience and knowledge combined with the basic rules.

Russian Poker in Sobranie Casino waiting for your bet!

Key features and description

Russian Poker is a familiar 5-card variation of the board game. The task of the gambler is extremely simple - to collect a hand of five sheets, which will be older than that of the croupier, against whom the session is often conducted. In the "Assembly" tables with these rules include four boxes, it is possible to take two adjacent places, or play from one level. In any case, the visitor cannot place a bet less than the minimum set by the institution. As for the other key points about Russian poker, they can be presented as follows:

As you can see, the Russian poker game contains absolutely nothing complicated. The gambler receives a certain entry into his hands, after which he tries to collect two levels on the table, indicated by the corresponding inscriptions, so that they are greater than the similar ones on the button, that is, from an employee of the organization.

The first approach and further actions at the table

After customers have taken their seats at the table, the button hands out the sheets. Everyone gets set at 5 pieces face down. Sharing information regarding the distribution between visitors is prohibited. Each party participant evaluates their chances on the basis of one dealer card, dealt in a light one, that is, with a face value up. If someone does not want to continue the round, he moves his hand to the "PAS" area, after which he confirms his change, leaving the mandatory fee on the table, he becomes the property of the casino. Otherwise, you need to shift the sheets in the "BET" field, paying on top of 2x from the ante for the further continuation of the round.At the end of the 1st round, a poker player can buy the sixth element of his hand, which was not in the main hand, or change a certain number of cards.

The fee for this is equal to one bet. At the end of the bidding round, the dealer announces a showdown, that is, opens combinations, and compares his version with others. The strongest hand on the table wins, if there are several of them, the institution pays them all. If the representative of the casino at the table "no game", then the client can buy him the next card from the deck for ante. Otherwise, regardless of what the gambler has collected, he is given only 1 bet. If the received sheet is equal to the replaced one, then the exchange is repeated free of charge.

Special offer

Casino Sobranie offers gamblers when playing Russian poker with several additional features. One of these options is a bonus, an additional fee for the fact that a certain combination will be rolled out with the corresponding payment. The amount of the contribution is 2 dollars in increments of 1 cu. The maximum bonus amount in one round is 25 “bucks”. Payment on such a possibility occurs only if the client has not folded during a certain period in the game.

In addition, the visitor is entitled to make insurance and lose only half of the mandatory contribution upon delivery.In any case, the employee in the hall is obliged to provide the client at the table with comprehensive information on the specifics of the party and layout. However, the institution reserves the right to a final decision in a disputed situation. Gembler should be aware that he is responsible for his decisions during the round, as well as in gambling in general.

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