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Player reviews about Sobranie casino

Sobranie casino in the Kaliningrad region appeared in February 2017. This institution was the first in the gaming zone "Amber", but holds the leading position at the local level so far. Moreover, Sobranie has ambitions and willingness to enter the national market, pushing competitors through high-quality service, as well as versatile services in the world of gambling. Player reviews speaks in favor of the thesis that the Russian market is able to provide the highest quality services in the world of gambling, and the service itself can be at the level of foreign markets, and perhaps even surpass it.

Sobranie Casino Reviews

Location, complex, casino

First of all, what the players pay attention to is the location of the institution, as well as the exterior and interior of the complex. Casino Sobranie Kaliningrad reviews about which leave tourists, is located near the village of Kulikovo, on the picturesque shore, washed by cold waters from the north. As a complement to a good time, gamblers can pay attention to nature, since the places surrounding casinos are really beautiful. However, despite some remoteness from key infrastructure centers, Sobranie is far from being "out of place". You can get out of the city by taxi for a small amount of 600-700 rubles.

The exterior is made in the restrained traditions of modern trends in architecture. There is no trace of bored modern and baroque characteristic of pompous institutions. The interior focuses on amber, the design is appropriate, too bright or there are no contrasting details. Unfortunately, there is no hotel or bedroom at the casino base, but a diverse and, more importantly, delicious cuisine is available. Sobranie casino reviews often contain an emphasis on product quality and cooking. Special mention deserves the staff who carefully observe professional ethics and behaves as politely as possible.

Games inside the hall

The game room is equipped with the most modern. Sobranie reviews indicate the presence of colorful, new slot machines. Card games are played on the tables, in particular Poker and Blackjack. Among other things, poker players celebrate a variety of variations among entertainment, including live music, free drinks, bonuses for regular customers and those who celebrate their birthday at an institution. Of the benefits should also be noted pricing institutions. Unlike most competitors, the Sobranie casino prefers a more loyal player approach. Drinks, food and entertainment are available at a low cost, there is no back-up and deliberately offensive play by the administration.

So, should I go to the casino Sobranie? Being in Kaliningrad, it is really worth assessing this institution. The abundance of chic, pretentiousness and luxury allows you to plunge into the world of gambling entirely. And what about the rates in the game room, then each visitor has a great chance to get a solid sum.

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"SOBRANIE" casino conducts activities in the territory of the gambling zone 'Yantarnaya' in accordance with the law No. 244 'On state regulation of activities for the organization and conduct of gambling and on amending some legislative acts of the Russian Federation, adopted on 12/20/2006. Information is intended for persons over 18 years old.
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